At McDonald Honey, we are a family owned beekeeping business that has been operating in Castlemaine for 6 generations. Currently we manage over 2,000 beehives that we move throughout Victoria chasing a wide range of honey varieties. 

All our honey is extracted, processed and packaged all from our small farm in Castlemaine. Our honey is produced in a simple, natural, age-old beekeeping process also using a modern, HACCP Quality Assurance program.​

We like to keep native single origin honey varieties for small and medium size sales. In Castlemaine and the surrounding towns you can find our honey under the "Castlemaine Honey" label in many different stores.  

You can also purchase larger volumes of honey and beeswax from us, just send us a message with your details in the "Contact" page and we will sort it out. 


Current Honey available

Yellow Box

Old Man Banksia
Giant Mallee
Native Manuka

We are currently taking Honey and Beeswax orders by appointment on Thursdays and Fridays.


Honey Shack (honesty box) 

8am - 6pm, 7 days
Follow signs from the Farm Shop

Small sales only​

Castlemaine Honey