Our Honey

Our honey is produced in a simple, natural, age-old beekeeping process also using a modern, HACCP Quality Assurance program.​

All our honey is 100% pure and Australian. We can guarantee this as we extract and pack all of our honey on site in Castlemaine.

We always try to keep at least three different varieties at once, focusing on having a range of different flavours from light to strong. Each variety is based on the floral source that our bees collect nectar from within Victoria, this is generally our amazing Eucalyptus Trees and native Manuka.

Honey is available for purchase from our Honey Shack and local Castlemaine outlets under the "Castlemaine Honey" label.

Current Honey Types

Yellow Box

A fresh sample of Yellow Box produced in Castlemaine and surrounds in the summer of 2019/20. With a mild and sweet flavour, this is our most popular honey and is famously less prone to crystallisation than other honey types. 


A strong, dark and bold flavoured honey produced during Autumn 2017 from the Daylesford area. The Messmate tree only flowers once every three to four years, so this strong flavoured treat doesn't come around often. 

Grey Box

Locally sourced from the Castlemaine region during Autumn of 2019. Grey box is a valuable tree to beekeepers, found throughout the Box-Iron Bark region of Victoria in which we operate. This honey has a buttery and delicate flavour.

Australian Manuka (Tea Tree)

This Australian variety of Manuka honey was harvested during the Summer of 2017 in the Sunraysia area. It has a naturally thick consistency with a strong, rich, lingering full flavour. This season produced a much more pure batch than previous years giving it the thick well-known Manuka flavour.  

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