Beekeeping Equipment

McDonald Honey has been providing beekeeping equipment to beekeepers in Castlemaine since the 1970's.  Our basic philosophy is to provide good quality, sensible tools and equipment to beekeepers that enables them to enjoy the pleasure of the bees and harvest honey with minimal fuss. The equipment we sell is what we use in our own operations. 


Every beekeeper is different in what tools and equipment they like to use which varies with where they work their beehives.  So start your beehive off right, or maintain your current beehive/s, with good quality products and no nonsense assistance and advice from McDonald Honey.


  • Build your beehive with our individual parts or kits. From frames and foundation supplies to hive supers and nails, we offer everything required for you to build your own hive.


  • Browse our protective equipment to keep yourself safe while beekeeping. With veils to full suits, gloves and smokers you can better care for your hive and bees when you are protected and comfortable.


We would love to answer any questions you have about beekeeping or to help you pick the best products for you. Come in to our Farm Shop and see us to browse our products and find out what works best for you.


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